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Title: Effect of retrogression duration on the grain boundary microstructure and microchemistry of AA7010
Authors: Nandana, M.S.
Bhat, K.U.
Manjunatha, C.M.
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: AIP Conference Proceedings, 2018, Vol.1943, , pp.-
Abstract: The paper presents the microstructural characterization of the aluminium alloy 7010 in retrogression and re- ageing (RRA) condition by using Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM). The grain boundary microstructure is analyzed with the focus on variation of GBP's (grain boundary precipitate) size and PFZ (precipitate free zone) size during retrogression performed at 200 �C for duration of 10-60 min. The microchemistry of the GBP's is analyzed by using TEM-EDS (Energy Dispersive X-ray spectroscopy). The results reveal the coarsening of discrete GBP's along with enrichment of the Cu in them. The average size of the GBP's in RRA treated sample vary from 30 nm during 10 min of retrogression to 59 nm at 60 min of retrogression. The PFZ size varied from 35 nm to 51 nm for 10 min and 60 min of retrogression time, respectively. The Cu content of the GBP's increased from 3.54 wt% for 10 min of retrogression to 5.27 wt% for 60 min of retrogression and re-aged sample. � 2018 Author(s).
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