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Title: Benzimidazole as corrosion inhibitor for heat treated 6061 Al- SiCp composite in acetic acid
Authors: Chacko, M.
Nayak, J.
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2015, Vol.622, 1, pp.-
Abstract: 6061 Al-SiCpcomposite was solutionizedat 350 �C for 30 minutes and water quenched. It was then underaged at 140 �C (T6 treatment). The aging behaviour of the composite was studied using Rockwell B hardness measurement. Corrosion behaviour of the underaged sample was studied in different concentrations of acetic acid and at different temperatures. Benzimidazole at different concentrations was used for the inhibition studies. Inhibition efficiency of benzimidazole was calculated for different experimental conditions. Thermodynamic parameters were found out which suggested benzimidazole is an efficient inhibitor and it adsorbed on to the surface of composite by mixed adsorption where chemisorption is predominant. � Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.
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