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Title: Buck-Boost Inverter Functionality of Two-Phase Semi-Z-Source Converter
Authors: Remya, V.K.
Parthiban, P.
Ansal, V.
Nandakumar, A.
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Proceedings of 2018 IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics, Drives and Energy Systems, PEDES 2018, 2018, Vol., , pp.-
Abstract: A two-phase semi-Z-source (SZS) inverter capable of generating sinusoidal output voltage up to two times the input voltage is discussed in this paper. The two-phase SZS inverter consists of four switches and two Z-source networks. The buck-boost functionality achieved without the presence of shoot-through phenomenon is the major advantage of the two-phase SZS inverter. In the two-phase SZS inverter structure, there are two blocks of single-phase SZS circuits. Each single-phase SZS inverter block consists of two switches and one Z-source network. In each SZS inverter block, the switches are operated complementarily. The voltage gain of the single-phase SZS circuit block is non-linear in nature and a Modified Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation (MSPWM) technique is employed for generating the switching pulses. The MATLAB/Simulink results are presented to demonstrate the characteristics of the two-phase SZS inverter. � 2018 IEEE.
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