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Title: Configurations of modular push-pull buck DC-DC converters for 12KW telecom SMPS and its design
Authors: Saravana, Prakash, P.
Kalpana, R.
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: 2016 - Biennial International Conference on Power and Energy Systems: Towards Sustainable Energy, PESTSE 2016, 2016, Vol., , pp.-
Abstract: In this paper the push-pull buck DC-DC converter topologies are presented for 12kW telecom power supply. They have some attractive features compared to boost converters such as meeting the requirement of varying controllable output dc voltage, inherent short-circuit protection, and easy control of inrush current. Their input currents can be controlled in the open loop and much wider voltage loop bandwidth can be achieved. The proposed modular converter is modeled and its various configuration performance is simulated in MATLAB environment along with SIMULINK and Sim Power System (SPS). � 2016 IEEE.
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