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Title: Assessment of latent heat and solid fraction of Al-22Si alloy using Newtonian and Fourier analysis techniques
Authors: Vijayan, V.
Prabhu, K.N.
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Materials Science Forum, 2015, Vol.830-831, , pp.321-324
Abstract: Computer aided cooling curve analysis (CACCA) is an online prediction tool for the determination of solidification characteristics of metals or alloys. The results of CACCA can be used to accurately determine latent heat and solid fraction needed for modeling of the solidification process. Newtonian and Fourier analysis techniques adopt a data base line fitting technique to the first derivative curve for calculation of the solid fraction and latent heat of solidification. This paper describes the theoretical and experimental procedures involved Newtonian and Fourier analysis techniques with reference to an Al-22% Si alloy. The correlations between the solid fraction and temperature/time for the alloy were determined. � (2015) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.
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