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Title: An optimal process model for a real time process
Authors: Thomas, L.
Manoj, Kumar, M.V.
Annappa, B.
Vishwanath, K.P.
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2015, Vol.1371, January, pp.117-131
Abstract: Recommending an optimal path of execution and a complete process model for a real time partial trace of large and complex organization is a challenge. The proposed AlfyMiner (?<inf>y</inf>Miner) does this recommendation in cross organization process mining technique by comparing the variants of same process encountered in different organization. ?<inf>y</inf>Miner proposes two novel techniques Process Model Comparator (?<inf>y</inf>Comp) and Resource Behaviour Analyser (RBA<inf>Miner</inf>). ?<inf>y</inf>Comp identifies Next Probable Activity of the partial trace along with the complete process model of the partial trace. RBA<inf>Miner</inf>identifies the resources preferable for performing Next Probable Activity and analyse their behaviour based on performance, load and queue. ?<inf>y</inf>Miner does this analysis and recommend the best suitable resource for performing Next Probable Activity and process models for the real time partial trace. Experiments were conducted on process logs of CoSeLoG Project1 and 72% of accuracy is obtained in identifying and recommending NPA and the performance of resources were optimized by 59% by decreasing their load.
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