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Title: A combined genetic algorithm and Sugeno fuzzy logic based approach for on-line tuning in pH process
Authors: Valarmathi, K.
Devaraj, D.
Radhakrishnan, T.K.
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: 2008 4th International IEEE Conference Intelligent Systems, IS 2008, 2008, Vol.2, , pp.202-207
Abstract: Computing the optimal values of Proportional Integral derivative (PID) control gains is an important task in the design of PID controller. This paper presents the application of Sugeno fuzzy model for on-line tuning of PID controllers in pH process. The optimal PID controller parameters required to develop the Sugeno fuzzy model are estimated by genetic algorithm. The developed fuzzy controller can give the PID parameters on line for different operating conditions. The suitability of the proposed approach has been demonstrated through computer simulation using MATLAB Simulink. � 2008 IEEE.
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