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Title: Active probing based end to end internet path metrics estimation tool
Authors: Suryanarayana, V.
Sekaran, K.C.
Issue Date: 2006
Citation: Proceedings - 2006 14th International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communications, ADCOM 2006, 2006, Vol., , pp.397-400
Abstract: This paper considers the problem of measuring the various network path metrics such as Connectivity, Capacity, bandwidth, available bandwidth etc. of a network path using probing-based methods. To that end, we propose a new model called an Integrated Metrics Measurement Model (IMMM) to measure all possible performance metrics. It will be designed to probe the network non-intrusively so that the measurements will not disturb the stability of the network. The experimental results of our partial implementation of the proposed model are presented. � 2006 IEEE.
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