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Title: A system level solution for power quality problems
Authors: Padiyar, U.H.
Shetti, S.S.M.
Sumam, David S.
Issue Date: 2005
Citation: 2006 IEEE Power India Conference, 2005, Vol.2005, , pp.591-595
Abstract: The power quality deterioration is still an unsolved problem due to the increased power electronic load getting into the system. Every, consumer friendly equipment is power electronic controlled in one-way or other. The current drawn by all of these equipments are generally non-sinusoidal in nature, and are distorting the voltage wave as well. Many solutions proposed so far, though found useful in some cases have never become a system solution for the power quality deterioration problem. This paper proposes a unique innovative solution to these problems by a correction at the generation level by changing the shape of source wave keeping in view the nature of new loads. This paper presents PSPICE� simulated results to justify the need for source wave shape change, which will act as a system level solution to the limit peak currents drawn by the new generation power electronic loads. � 2006 IEEE.
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