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Title: A new secure protocol for multi-attribute multi-round e-reverse auction using Online Trusted Third Party
Authors: Srinath, T.R.
Kella, S.
Jenamani, M.
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Proceedings - 2nd International Conference on Emerging Applications of Information Technology, EAIT 2011, 2011, Vol., , pp.149-152
Abstract: We develop a secure protocol for multi-attribute multi-round reverse auction. The scheme comprises of three interactive parties: the Online Trusted Third Party (TTP), the Auctioneer and the Bidder. Online TTP is the one who gets certified from Certification Authority (CA), Auctioneer is the buyer and bidders are the sellers. The TTP confirms and authenticates the identities of bidders and the auctioneer; the auctioneer issues the bidding keys to bidders and schedules the auction rounds. Encryption and Decryption of bids is done by combined key made from public and secret shares of TTP and auctioneer using ElGamal cryptosystem. TTP Combines the keys and gives to auctioneer at appropriate time. TTP generates pseudonym for bidder which is used as unique identifier and makes the bidder anonymous to auctioneer till last round. The scheme developed here can effectively reduce the computational load on the auctioneer and bidders. It provides the following security features anonymity, non-repudiation, bid privacy, easy revocation, no framing, data integrity and single registration. The proposed scheme can assure a secure bidding environment for the sellers. � 2011 IEEE.
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