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Title: Severe plastic deformation of Al-15Zn-2Mg alloy: Effect on wear properties
Authors: Manjunath, G.K.
Bhat, K.U.
Kumar, G.V.P.
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Key Engineering Materials, 2019, Vol.803 KEM, , pp.22-26
Abstract: In the present work, Al-Zn-Mg alloy having highest zinc content was deformed by one of the severe plastic deformation (SPD) technique, equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) and effect of ECAP on the microstructure evolution and the wear properties were studied. ECAP was performed in a split die and the channels of the die are intersecting at an angle of 120�. ECAP was attempted at least possible temperature and the alloy was successfully ECAPed at 423 K. Below this temperature samples were failed in the first pass itself. After ECAP, significant drop in the grain size was reported. Also, ECAP leads to significant raise in the microhardness of the alloy. Predominantly, after ECAP, upsurge in the wear resistance of the alloy was noticed. To figure out the response of ECAP on the wear properties of the alloy; worn surfaces of the wear test samples were analyzed in SEM. � 2019 Trans Tech Publications Ltd, Switzerland.
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