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Title: Virtual Machine Migration Triggering using Application Workload Prediction
Authors: Raghunath, B.R.
Annappa, B.
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Procedia Computer Science, 2015, Vol.54, , pp.167-176
Abstract: Dynamic provisioning of physical resources to Virtual Machines (VMs) in virtualized environments can be achieved by (i) vertical scaling-adding/removing attached resources from existing virtual machine and (ii) horizontal scaling-adding a new virtual machine with additional resources. The live migration of virtual machines across different Physical Machines (PMs) is a vertical scaling technique which facilitates resource hot-spot mitigation, server consolidation, load balancing and system level maintenance. It takes significant amount of resources to iteratively copy memory pages. Hence during the migration there may be too much overload which can affect the performance of applications running on the VMs on the physical server. It is better to predict the future workload of applications running on physical server for early detection of overloads and trigger the migration at an appropriate point where sufficient number of resources are available for all the applications so that there will not be performance degradation. This paper presents an intelligent decision maker to trigger the migration by predicting the future workload and combining it with predicted performance parameters of migration process. Experimental results shows that migration is triggered at an appropriate point such that there are sufficient amount of resources available (15-20% more resources than high valued threshold method) and no application performance degradation exists as compared to properly chosen threshold method for triggering the migration. Prediction with support vector regression has got decent accuracy with MSE of 0.026. Also this system helps to improve resource utilization as compared to safer threshold value for triggering migration by removing unnecessary migrations. � 2015 The Authors.
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