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Title: VirtTorrent: BitTorrent for Inter-VM File distribution
Authors: Kamath, A.A.
Jamadagni, C.
Chandrasekaran, K.
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, 2016, Vol.22-23-March-2016, , pp.-
Abstract: A major problem in virtualized cloud datacenters today is the inefficiency of communication between virtual machines, i.e. inter-VM communication. Efforts have gone into optimizing communication between VMs present on the same physical server in the cloud, i.e. co-resident or co-located VMs; however, optimizing communication between VMs present on different physical servers is a separate issue. As these communicate via the TCP/IP network stack, improvements in performance or efficiency are normally proposed by customizations to the communication protocols requisite to the datacenter. We propose a mechanism to increase the average speed of inter-VM file distribution in the cloud for VMs on separate physical servers by implementing a BitTorrent-like peer-to-peer (P2P) system. The proposal, named VirtTorrent, uses direct communication between VMs in the cloud to implement a protocol similar to BitTorrent, allowing files to be distributed swiftly and with minimal network congestion. As inter-VM communication and network congestion are both important issues in the datacenter, we believe that VirtTorrent can make a marked improvement in the scenarios laid out in this paper. � 2016 ACM.
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