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Title: Trusted partner selection in broker based cloud federation
Authors: Gupta, M.K.
Annappa, B.
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: 2016 International Conference on Next Generation Intelligent Systems, ICNGIS 2016, 2017, Vol., , pp.-
Abstract: Cloud federation is a group of aggregated providers, who are mutually cooperating and collaborating to share their resources in order to improve each other services. It has lured the attention of commercial industries towards itself for its effective utilization of cloud resources. Effective management of the resource is very much required in order to increase the profits of an individual service provider in federation, but a lack of proper business model hinders service provider in deploying its feature. In this paper, cloud federation is created based on intelligent, trusted broker. It opens a possibility of borrowing the resources from foreign clouds and deliver quality of service as promised by them. Trust factor is used in the paper to classify the foreign clouds according to previous performances and its neighbouring recommendations. Foreign clouds can only take participation, if it is approved by the broker. Furthermore, broker enforces foreign clouds to participate in the federation and behave reliably. � 2016 IEEE.
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