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Title: Thermal and frictional performance evaluation of nano lubricant with multi wall carbon nano tubes (MWCNTs) as nano-additive
Authors: Lijesh, K.P.
Kumar, D.
Muzakkir, S.M.
Hirani, H.
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: AIP Conference Proceedings, 2018, Vol.1953, , pp.-
Abstract: A Fluid Film Bearings (FFBs) operating in hydrodynamic boundary regime can provide moderate load carrying capacity, negligible wear and friction. However in extreme operating conditions i.e. at high load and low speed, asperities of journal and bearing surfaces come in contact with each other resulting in high wear and friction. During the contact of the asperities, the temperature of the lubricant increases due to frictional heating, resulting in reduction of the viscosity of lubricant. Variation of lubricant viscosity results in low load carrying capacity of the FFB and therefore resulting in detoriation of FFB performance. In the present work it is hypothesized that, by adding multi-functional Multi Wall Carbon Nano-Tubes (MWCNT) (having high thermal conductivity and anti-friction properties) as nano-additive in the base mineral oil, the aforementioned problems can be overcome. To validate the proposed hypothesis, five different samples of lubricant is considered: Sample 1: Base oil, Sample 2: Base oil +0.05% MWCNT, Sample 3: Base oil +0.05% MWCNT +0.5%surfactant, Sample 4: Base oil +0.1% MWCNT +0.5% surfactant, and Sample 5: Base oil +0.15% MWCNT +0.5%surfactant. To evaluate the performance of the developed lubricants, experiments were performed on the reduced scale conformal block on disc test setup. The experimental condition and dimension of the block and disc were decide for the Sommerfeld number equal to 0.0025, which indicates mixed lubrication regime. The performance of lubricant is evaluated by measuring the frictional force and temperature rise of the lubricant during the experiment. � 2018 Author(s).
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