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Title: Standalone single stage PV fed reduced switch inverter based independent control of two PMSM drive
Authors: Karthikeyan, A.
Prabhakaran, K.K.
Abhilash, Krishna, D.G.
Nagamani, C.
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: INTELEC, International Telecommunications Energy Conference (Proceedings), 2019, Vol.2018-October, , pp.-
Abstract: This paper proposes a standalone singe stage PV fed air cooler which consists of two motors (fan blower and water pump). The proposed system comprises of PV source, reduced switch inverter and two PMSM drive. The proposed system aims at reducing the switching losses and overall cost by using reduced switch inverter. The reduced switch inverter uses only eight switches whereas the conventional VSI utilizes twelve switches. In the proposed scheme, blower and pump are independently controlled using field oriented control scheme where speed reference is obtained using Perturb and Observe (PO) technique. Simulation studies for the proposed PV fed two 400 W PMSM driven blower and pump is performed using MATLAB platform and respective results are presented to show the efficacy of the system. � 2018 IEEE.
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