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Title: Role of Rare Earth Oxide Reinforcements in Enhancing the Mechanical, Damping and Ignition Resistance of Magnesium
Authors: Kujur, M.S.
Manakari, V.
Parande, G.
Doddamani, M.
Mallick, A.
Gupta, M.
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Minerals, Metals and Materials Series, 2019, Vol., , pp.115-124
Abstract: Magnesium based nanocomposites, on account of their excellent dimensional stability coupled with mechanical integrity, have provided the much-needed impetus for utilization in both aerospace-related and automobile-related applications. However, the perceived easy ignition and flammability of magnesium alloys create a detrimental safety feature that hinders the aerospace application opportunities. Incorporation of rare earth metal oxides into magnesium matrix can induce �reactive element effect� (REE), due to their strong rare earth�oxygen interactions. Along with enhancing the protective characteristics of oxides on many metals and alloys, the addition of such rare earth oxides also helps in realizing a refined microstructure and good strength�ductility combination in the composites. This manuscript presents the mechanical properties, damping and ignition resistance characteristics of the new and improved composite materials engineered by reinforcing magnesium with rare earth oxide nanoparticle. Rationale for the observed properties is discussed while concurrently establishing the relationship between microstructure of the engineered composites and resultant mechanical properties. � 2019, The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society.
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