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Title: Single image super resolution from compressive samples using two level sparsity based reconstruction
Authors: Nath, A.G.
Nair, M.S.
Rajan, J.
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Procedia Computer Science, 2015, Vol.46, , pp.1643-1652
Abstract: Super Resolution based on Compressed Sensing (CS) considers low resolution (LR) image patch as the compressive samples of its high resolution (HR) patch. Compressed sensing based image acquisition systems acquire less number of random linear measurements without first collecting all the pixel values. But using these compressive measurements directly to reconstruct the image causes quality issues. In this paper an image super-resolution method with two level sparsity based reconstruction via patch based image interpolation and dictionary learning is proposed. The first level reconstruction generates a low resolution image from random samples and the interpolation scheme used in this algorithm reduces the HR-LR patch coherency due to neighborhood issue which is a major drawback of single image super resolution algorithms. The dictionary based reconstruction phase generates the high resolution image from the low resolution output of the first level reconstruction phase. The experimental results proved that the proposed two level reconstruction scheme recovers more details of the image and yields improved results from very few samples (around 35-45%) than the state-of-the-art algorithms which uses low resolution image itself as input. The results are compared by considering both PSNR values and visual perception. � 2015 The Authors.
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