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Title: Metric, Schauder and Operator-Valued Frames
Authors: K, Mahesh Krishna
Supervisors: P., Sam Johnson
Keywords: Frame;Riesz basis;Bessel sequence;Lipschitz function
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal
Abstract: Notion of frames and Bessel sequences for metric spaces have been introduced. This notion is related with the notion of Lipschitz free Banach spaces. It is proved that ev- ery separable metric space admits a metric Md -frame. Through Lipschitz-free Banach spaces it is showed that there is a correspondence between frames for metric spaces and frames for subsets of Banach spaces. Several characterizations of metric frames are obtained. Stability results are also presented. Non linear multipliers are introduced and studied. This notion is connected with the notion of Lipschitz compact operators. Continuity properties of multipliers are discussed. For a subclass of approximated Schauder frames for Banach spaces, characterization result is derived using standard Schauder basis for standard sequence spaces. Duals of a subclass of approximate Schauder frames are completely described. Similarity of this class is characterized and interpolation result is derived using orthogonality. A dilation result is obtained. A new identity is derived for Banach spaces which admit a homogeneous semi-inner product. Some stability results are obtained for this class. A generalization of operator-valued frames for Hilbert spaces are introduced which unifies all the known generalizations of frames for Hilbert spaces. This notion has been studied in depth by imposing factorization property of the frame operator. Its duality, similarity and orthogonality are addressed. Connections between this notion and unitary representations of groups and group-like unitary systems are derived. Paley-Wiener theorem for this class are derived.
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