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Title: Rock strength characterization using measurement while drilling technique
Authors: Lakshminarayana C.R.
Tripathi A.K.
Pal S.K.
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Indian Geotechnical Journal Vol. 50 , 6 , p. 994 - 1005
Abstract: The approximation of strength properties of rocks most often requires during the preliminary phase of any engineering projects related to rock mechanics. The main disadvantage of evaluating the rock properties in a testing laboratory is the prerequisite for high-quality rock core with many numbers. In this empirical method, the essential strength properties of rocks would measure during the rock drilling process using some identified machine variables along with the acoustic parameter. The machine operating variables such as thrust and torque and acoustic vibration parameter collecting at the machine head were used to develop rock strength models. A drill-type dynamometer was employed to gauge the machine variables and the NI-9234 data acquisition system for gauging the vibration parameter. The evaluation of the mathematical models for their efficiency shows that the applied empirical approach could determine the strength properties with fewer errors and can use as an alternative method for measuring the compressive and tensile strength of sedimentary rocks in the laboratory without using core samples. © 2020, Indian Geotechnical Society.
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