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Title: Multimodal behavior analysis in computer-enabled laboratories using nonverbal cues
Authors: Banerjee S.
Ashwin T.S.
Guddeti R.M.R.
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Signal, Image and Video Processing Vol. 14 , 8 , p. 1617 - 1624
Abstract: In the modern era, there is a growing need for surveillance to ensure the safety and security of the people. Real-time object detection is crucial for many applications such as traffic monitoring, security, search and rescue, vehicle counting, and classroom monitoring. Computer-enabled laboratories are generally equipped with video surveillance cameras in the smart campus. But, from the existing literature, it is observed that the use of video surveillance data obtained from smart campus for any unobtrusive behavioral analysis is seldom performed. Though there are several works on the students’ and teachers’ behavior recognition from devices such as Kinect and handy cameras, there exists no such work which extracts the video surveillance data and predicts the behavioral patterns of both the students and the teachers in real time. Hence, in this study, we unobtrusively analyze the students’ and teachers’ behavioral patterns inside a teaching laboratory (which is considered as an indoor scenario of a smart campus). Here, we propose a deep convolution network architecture to classify and recognize an object in the indoor scenario, i.e., the teaching laboratory environment of the smart campus with modified Single-Shot MultiBox Detector approach. We used six different class labels for predicting the behavioral patterns of both the students and the teachers. We created our dataset with six different class labels for training deep learning architecture. The performance evaluation demonstrates that the proposed method performs better with an accuracy of 0.765 for classification and localization. © 2020, Springer-Verlag London Ltd., part of Springer Nature.
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