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Title: Low power digital on-chip implementation of Fibonacci non-magnetic switching converter for IoT applications
Authors: Subburaj V.
Jena D.
Perumal P.
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: International Journal of Power Electronics Vol. 12 , 3 , p. 332 - 348
Abstract: Power management (PM) block is one of the important block in system on chip (SoC). Non-magnetic converters (NMCs) are more reliable for SoC since it is small in size and having low power level. Recently SoC is applicable to all internet of things (IoTs). NMCs are having the capability to share more transformation voltage levels to different part of the ICs in order to obtain high efficiency. Compare to all NMCs, the Fibonacci converter generates different voltage level (i.e.) 21 voltage levels in single PM block. Power frequency modulation (PFM) controller is used to select and control different voltage levels. In this paper fully integrated digital controller (Verilog-HDL) based converter design is implemented using 180 nm technology for load current which is less than 1 µA and consumes 10 µW total power with an area of 166 µm × 205 µm. Copyright © 2020 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.
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