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Title: A Novel AC Current Sensorless Hysteresis Control for Grid-Tie Inverters
Authors: Viswadev R.
Mudlapur A.
Ramana V.V.
Venkatesaperumal B.
Mishra S.
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs , Vol. 67 , 11 , p. 2577 - 2581
Abstract: Amongst the modulation techniques used for grid-Tie inverters (GTIs), hysteresis current control (HCC) facilitates simple, stable and rugged control with improved dynamic response. However the variable switching frequency of HCC demands high precision AC current sensors (CS) which introduce noise in the power circuit in addition to measurement noise and delay. Therefore, this brief presents a hysteresis current control without AC current sensor based on switching instant computation for a two-level GTI. The proposed control strategy uses the DC link and instantaneous grid voltages to calculate the switching instants. The conventional methods of calculating switching instant of HCC can result in tracking errors. Hence the computations are modified in the proposed algorithm considering the effects of non-linearity in error current and dynamic variations due to supply and load changes. A single-phase GTI is simulated with the proposed control and the results are verified experimentally. The proposed method is observed to considerably reduce the computational time, DC shift and total harmonic distortion compared to the commonly used sensorless current control. © 2004-2012 IEEE.
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