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Title: Coefficient of friction of dry sliding Al 6061-T6 alloy under different loading conditions
Authors: I S.R.
Kaliveeran V.
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: World Journal of Engineering , Vol. 18 , 2 , p. 328 - 344
Abstract: Purpose: This paper aims to focus on the effect of normal load, sliding speed and temperature on the coefficient of friction of Al 6061-T6 alloy under dry sliding conditions. Design/methodology/approach: Dry sliding experiments were conducted using rotary type pin on disk tribometer. Pins with 3 mm radius of contact and circular disks of 165 mm diameter were fabricated to simulate Hertzian contact configuration. Experiments were conducted by applying three different normal loads (1, 1.5 and 2 kg) and three different sliding speeds (1.25, 2 and 3 m/s) at different temperatures [room temperature (31 ± 1 °C), 60 °C, 100 °C and 150 °C]. Findings: Coefficient of friction at end of the first cycle of sliding, stabilized stage, unsteady state and steady state are reported elaborately in this study. Adhesive and abrasive wear mechanisms were observed in the dry sliding of Al 6061- T6 alloy contacts from the microscopic analysis of worn contact surfaces. The coefficient of friction was more influenced by the increase in normal load than the increase in sliding speed and temperature. Practical implications: The results obtained from this study are significant for the design of aluminium-to-aluminium contacts in aerospace engineering and automobile engineering. Originality/value: This study reveals the coefficient of friction of aluminium-to-aluminium (Al 6061-T6 alloy) contacts under cylinder on flat contact configuration. © 2020, Emerald Publishing Limited.
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