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Title: Vertical accuracy assessment of open source digital elevation models under varying elevation and land cover in Western Ghats of India
Authors: Shetty S.
Vaishnavi P.C.
Umesh P.
Shetty A.
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Modeling Earth Systems and Environment Vol. , , p. -
Abstract: The selection of suitable DEM from available open-source DEMs like SRTM, ALOS World 3D, CARTOSAT-1, ASTER-GDEM, TanDEM-X which are acquired through different techniques is difficult without prior guidelines, especially on the rugged mountainous terrain. Therefore, this article aimed to evaluate the role of land cover and altitude on the vertical accuracy of open-source DEMs with near to ground measurements taken by Ice Cloud and Land Elevation (ICESat) Geoscience Laser Altimetry System (GLAS) in and around Western Ghats (WG) of India. The SRTM (30 m) DEM outperformed other DEMs at the scale of WG and in the dense vegetation cover with least performance by ASTER DEM (30 m). The vertical accuracy of DEM is varying with different elevation ranges and land cover conditions and is found to be better than the vertical accuracy specified by the mission. The overestimation of elevation in low terrain relief area, and underestimation on higher elevation with steep terrain is substantive in all the DEMs. The role of land cover and altitude is significant on the elevation and slope more than the aspect and roughness. Good performance by 90-m resolution DEM over 30-m resolution DEMs proves the potential of InSAR in elevation measurement in vegetated areas with low cost and high accuracy. These results help in the selection of pertinent DEM for any geo-climatical applications and in development of merged DEM based on the terrain relief and land cover of the region. © 2021, The Author(s), under exclusive licence to Springer Nature Switzerland AG part of Springer Nature.
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