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Title: Total Syntheses Supramolecular Style: Solid-State Construction of [2.2]Cyclophanes with Modular Control of Stereochemistry
Authors: Friščić T.
Elacqua E.
Dutta, Saikat
Oburn S.M.
MacGillivray L.R.
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Crystal Growth and Design Vol. 20 , 4 , p. 2584 - 2589
Abstract: A series of templated solid-state reactions are used to construct the â&tild;bent' isomer of the [2.2]cyclophane family of molecules. Small-molecule hydrogen-bond-donor templates based on resorcinol complete the supramolecular construction of ortho-, meta-, and para-[2.2]cyclophanes in the solid state. The family of exo,exo-dicyclobutyl[2.2]cyclophanes forms regiospecifically in up to quantitative yields. The confines of the organic solid state and the modular nature of the template approach allow for the generation of a less stable exo,endo-[2.2]metacyclophane by simply changing the template to enforce a concomitant change in self-assembly. Our results demonstrate the first completed solid-state construction of each member of the family of [2.2]cyclophanes. Copyright © 2020 American Chemical Society.
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