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Title: SnTe thermoelectrics: Dual step approach for enhanced performance
Authors: Bhat D.K.
Shenoy U.S.
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Journal of Alloys and Compounds Vol. 834 , , p. -
Abstract: Doping of SnTe to achieve desirable properties has been a wide spread approach in the recent past to enhance its thermoelectric performance. Herein, we apply a dual approach: Pb doping for reduction of thermal conductivity and Zn doping for improving the power factor. The theoretical prediction of enhanced Seebeck due to increase in the band gap, introduction of the resonance levels by Zn and dominance of the heavy hole valence band, is realized experimentally as improved power factor throughout the temperature range. The accompanying reduction in the thermal conductivity by co-doping Pb and Zn leads to a record high room temperature figure of merit, ZT of 0.35 (@ 300K) and ZT of 1.66 at 840 K. The ZTaverage of ∼0.9 with 300 K as cold end and 840 K as hot end sets a new record for SnTe based materials. © 2020 Elsevier B.V.
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