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Title: Performance evaluation of high-frequency CLL resonant DC–DC converter operated with phase-shift and modified PWM gating scheme: Analysis, design and implementation
Authors: Patil U.
Harischandrappa N.
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: IET Power Electronics Vol. 13 , 10 , p. -
Abstract: Normal phase-shift and modified pulse-width modulation gating schemes are proposed for a full bridge high-frequency capacitor–inductor–inductor (CLL) resonant DC–DC converter, and its performance is analysed in this study. Detailed modelling and the steady-state analysis of the converter are performed by using the fundamental harmonic approximation approach. Various modes of the converter operation with both the gating schemes are described and examined in detail. Zero-voltage switching of all the main switches is achieved by designing the resonant converter to operate in the above resonance mode. The optimum design of the converter is illustrated with the help of a flowchart and design curves. PSIM simulation is carried out and the experimental prototype is built to substantiate theoretical performance predictions. The simulation and experimental results are presented and compared. © The Institution of Engineering and Technology 2020
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