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Title: Examining the characteristics of heterogeneous traffic at various lane closures
Authors: Gladson J.
Sivagnanasundaram K.
Kasi K.
Karuppanan G.
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering Vol. 48 , 4 , p. 384 - 392
Abstract: The primary aim of this study is to support the policy decisions on selection of a work zone layout that would have least deterrence to the traffic flow on busy urban arterials carrying heterogeneous traffic. The traffic flow characteristics were recorded with two cameras and the speed variation was obtained by plying probe vehicles fitted with Global Positioning Systems (GPSs) repeatedly in the section. The traffic stream speed and capacity of the various types of work zone sections were analyzed and it is found that near side lane closure has a relatively least effect on capacity (15 %) whereas the effect of run around type closure is maximum (46 %). The reasons for the variations in speed and capacity at these types of work zones were examined and reported. Besides, the application of the study results with respect to planning of work zone layout is discussed. © 2020 Budapest University of Technology and Economics. All rights reserved.
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