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Title: Analysis and Experimental Investigation of Double Switching Active Vector Sequences in Dodecagonal Space Vector Structure
Authors: Arumalla R.T.
Figarado S.
Harischandrappa N.
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: IECON Proceedings (Industrial Electronics Conference) , Vol. 2020-October , , p. 858 - 863
Abstract: The PWM technique used in the inverter influence the harmonic content of the inverter output and the switching losses in the inverter. The dodecagonal space vector based PWM schemes are amongst the popular harmonic elimination schemes for an open-end winding induction motor drive. These techniques give a better harmonic profile by eliminating the dominant lower-order harmonics (fifth and seventh) from the output voltage of an inverter in the entire modulation range. In this paper, double switching active vector sequence based bus-clamping PWM schemes are developed for dodecagonal SV structure, wherein one of the active vectors in a sector is switched twice in every sub-cycle period. These techniques are named as dodecagonal space vector based advanced bus-clamping PWM (ABC12PWM) techniques. The proposed PWM techniques give a better harmonic profile at higher modulation indices as compared to the dodecagonal conventional space vector PWM (C12SVPWM) and dodecagonal bus-clamping PWM techniques (BC12PWM) techniques. The analysis of total RMS harmonic distortion and switching losses are done for the proposed schemes, and the obtained results are compared with C12SVPWM and BC12PWM techniques. The implementation of proposed PWM schemes is done on a laboratory scale induction motor drive. © 2020 IEEE.
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