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Title: An experimental investigation on toe stability for vertical—caisson breakwaters
Authors: Kumaran V.
Subba Rao
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering , Vol. 99 , , p. 593 - 602
Abstract: For the design and construction of a vertical-caisson breakwater which is more significant task in the field of ocean engineering, since the incidicent wave and reflected wave acting on the structure causes severe bottom scouring and final leads to failure of the structure. The influences of wave height, wave period, and toe armor unit stability are under investigation in this study. The experimental work conducted by Brebner and Donnelly [1], was put forward, that for a certain fixed relative foundation depth (d1/d) and wavelength (L), the significant wave height (Hs), will have an exponential relationship with the number of rocks displaced in the armor layer of the toe of the vertical-caisson structure. The investigation are conducted in the regular 2D wave flume at wave mechanics laboratory, NITK, Surathkal. The present paper provides the required information regarding the damage level of toe armor units in transition water depths and the effect of wave parameters are analyzed. © Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd 2021.
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