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Title: Theoretical Evaluation of Energy Performance of a Vapour Compression Refrigeration System Using Sustainable Refrigerants
Authors: Shaik S.V.
Ashok Babu T.P.
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies , Vol. 169 , , p. 361 - 370
Abstract: The chief goal of this present investigation is to evaluate performance parameters of various sustainable refrigerants as R22 alternatives. In this investigation apart from R290, R134a and R22, twelve mixture refrigerants were developed at various composition. Results showed that energy efficiency ratio (EER) of mixture refrigerant MR40 (R290/R134a 95/5 in mass%) (4.546) stood greatest among twelve investigated alternatives and it was closer to the EER of R22 (4.602). Compressor discharge temperature of MR40 was lower than R22 by 16.020C. Volumetric refrigeration capacity of MR40 (3424 kJ/m3) was relatively lesser than R22 (3801 kJ/m3). Power spent per ton of refrigeration (PPTR) of MR40 (0.773 kW/TR) stood lowest among twelve investigated alternatives and it was fairly greater than R22 (0.764 kW/TR). Global warming potential (GWP100) of MR40 (68) was very low compared to R22 (1760). Overall, performance of MR40 was closer to R22, when compared with all the twelve investigated alternatives, and hence, it might be treated as a suitable replacement to refrigerant R22. © 2020, Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd.
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