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Title: Overview of the track on HASOC-offensive Language Identification-DravidianCodeMix
Authors: Chakravarthi B.R.
Anand Kumar M.
McCrae J.P.
Premjith B.
Soman K.P.
Mandl T.
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: CEUR Workshop Proceedings , Vol. 2826 , , p. 112 - 120
Abstract: We present the results and main findings of the HASOC-Offensive Language Identification on code mixed Dravidian languages. The task featured two tasks. Task 1 is about offensive language identification in Malayalam language where the comment were written in both native script and Latin script. Task 2 is about offensive language identification in Tamil and Malayalam languages where the comments were written in Latin script (non-native script). For both the task, given a comment the participants should develop a system to classify the text into offensive or not-offensive. In total 96 participants participated and 12 participants submitted the papers. In this paper, we present the task, data, the results and discuss the system submission and methods used by participants. © 2020 Copyright for this paper by its authors.
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