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Title: Flood inundation mapping of harangi river basin, kodagu, using gis techniques and hec-ras model
Authors: Devanand M.R.
Kundapura S.
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering , Vol. 99 , , p. 665 - 678
Abstract: Flood is the most common hydrologic event frequently experienced in India. The states of Kerala, UP, West Bengal, Karnataka and Assam were the mainly affected by flood in 2018. In Kodagu, the southern district of Karnataka, many people have been affected by heavy rains. Landslides in hilly terrain and flooding have worsened the lives of people and led to the destruction of 800 homes, 240 bridges collapsed, road networks of 2225 km damaged and 65 government buildings affected. The cost of rebuilding road infrastructure and buildings is approximately Rs. 3000 crores. While developing flood mitigation measures, flood inundation maps are an essential component, which will be useful for the planning stage. The mapping is expected to estimate the prone flood zone based on river flood stage without performing additional simulations and quantification of the flood risk with respect to different vulnerability parameters giving a clear picture of the planning stage. These are going to be achieved by both 1D hydrodynamic models and GIS environment. This study gives an insight about how unscientific development activities may increase the negative impacts of natural disasters. It can support the planners to correctly identify the non-vulnerable places while rebuilding the damaged infrastructure. This can help people to resettle permanently in a safer place, so that they will not be affected in the case of future disasters. Depending on the severity of the water levels, we can identify the area for construction of hydraulic structures for flood protection. © Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd 2021.
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