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Title: Electrical Power Distribution System Management Under Deregulation Regime
Authors: Manjunatha Sharman, K.
Supervisors: Panduranga Vittal, K.
Keywords: Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering;Captive Power Plant;Distributed Generation Source;Genetic Algorithm;Performance Indices;Power Loss Reduction;Service Restoration;TechnoEconomic Perspective;Voltage Profile Improvement.
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal
Abstract: The distribution system in the electrical power network is the most vital section being nearest to the consumers. The effectiveness of the power delivery to the loads is governed by the design, operation and maintenance of the distribution network. Over the years, the researchers are attempting to achieve improvements in the distribution system performance by adopting newer topologies, strategies for network design and control. In this context, globally the need for distribution system improvement is acknowledged by all countries and since past decade distribution sector reforms are being executed by initiating newer government policies which led to de-regulation regime worldwide. This thesis addresses the issues of DG insertion to distribution system in deregulation regime. The analysis carried out evaluates the feasibility of an Industrial captive power plant to operate as a DG Source, complex issues associated with multiple DG sources insertion to distribution system and impact of DG sources in network reconfiguration. A tool which facilitates decision on power export by an industrial captive power plant to grid has been developed. This tool accounts existing load pattern and generation scenario of the industrial unit. The proposed analytical approach gives with emphasis on choice of improving any specific parameter from either technical or economical perspective. The strategic technique developed proposes a comprehensive index termed as Network Performance Enhancement Index (NPEI). This index is a combination of indices related to loss reduction, voltage profile improvement, voltage regulation, voltage stability. Adapting this index provides enough alternatives to the designer so that he can decide on the most feasible solution. The technique designed for service restoration enumerates the situations of islanding of DGs due to fault in any part of network and guides the operator for supply of local loads in such a situation. This work proposes most feasible schemes for DG insertion to overcome the difficulties in implementation of the conventional fixed solutions schemes. The software tools adopted are SKM Power Tools and MATLAB and all evaluations are done using standard bus structures reported in literature and nearby captive plant data of an industry.
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