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Title: Gamma radiation shielding characteristics of concrete mixes-the state of art
Authors: Santhoshkumar M.
Narasimhan M.C.
Nkarkera B.
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: International Journal of Earth Sciences and Engineering, 2013, Vol.6, 4, pp.679-687
Abstract: In this paper, initially the interaction of gamma radiation with materials in general and concrete in particular are discussed. The state-of-art attempts made in different parts of the world, in improving the gamma radiation shielding properties by incorporating alternate/additional ingredients in concrete mixes are discussed. Such incorporation may be in terms of changes in any of the binder, coarse or fine aggregate components of the concrete mixes. The usage of materials such as mineral admixtures, high density solid wastes and fibres is also reported. The possible use of other mineral materials in concrete mixes for enhanced shielding performance against gamma radiation in nuclear installations is brought out. A brief review of the mix design parameters controlling shielding performance of concrete mixes is also cited. An attempt has been made to compare the shielding performances of different concretes by comparing their linear attenuation co-efficient values (μ) reported in the literature. In view of the exponential surge in γ-ray sources in nuclear industry this review is relevant to save the planet earth from an impending global disaster as well as introducing radiation in industries, food preservation, nuclear medicine and many other such applications. © 2013 CAFET-INNOVA TECHNICAL SOCIETY.
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