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Title: Oxide bifilms in aluminium alloy castings - A review
Authors: Gopalan R.
Prabhu N.K.
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: Materials Science and Technology, 2011, Vol.27, 12, pp.1757-1769
Abstract: Aluminium alloy castings are most widely used in automobile industry because of their light weight, better castability and improved properties. The liquid aluminium surface easily oxidises during melting, transferring and pouring operation which may entrain oxide films into the casting. Research work has shown that the entrainment of this surface film and formation of bifilms in castings appear to be the source of most of the casting defects leading to a significant reduction in the mechanical properties of aluminium alloy castings. In this paper, the phenomenon of formation of oxide bifilms in aluminium alloy castings, effect of these bifilms on casting properties and their assessment techniques are discussed. For enhancing the quality of casting, research should focus towards development of process techniques for healing of bifilms in liquid metal during solidification. © 2011 Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.
URI: 10.1179/1743284711Y.0000000033
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