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Title: An experimental investigation to determine the properties of fly ash based geopolymers as per indian standards
Authors: Saha S.
Rajasekaran C.
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, 2019, Vol.11, pp.657-668
Abstract: Production of ordinary Portland cement requires huge quantity of natural resources and also releases huge quantity of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Research efforts have been continuing to establish geopolymer as an alternative cementitious material for the replacement of ordinary Portland cement. This paper presents the study to find out the properties of fly ash based geopolymer paste and 28 days compressive strength of geopolymer mortar. Standard consistency, setting time of geopolymer paste has been determined using vicat’s apparatus (according to Indian Standards), which is followed for cement paste, varying the concentration of sodium hydroxide solution from 6 to 16 M. Results indicate higher standard consistency, more time required for setting for fly ash based geopolymer than that of cement paste. Compressive strength of the geopolymer paste and mortar 17 specimens increases with the increase of the concentration of sodium hydroxide solution and decrease beyond 14 M. © 2019, Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd.
URI: 10.1007/978-981-13-0362-3_53
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