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Title: Use of inclined compound triangular notch-weir to improve discharge range
Authors: Shivapur, A.V.
Mulangi, R.H.
Govardhan, Swamy, H.S.
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: ISH Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 2009, Vol.15, 3, pp.87-96
Abstract: The notch-weir having simple geometric shapes is unable to measure small as well as occasional large flows. In such situation compound weirs find application. In the present paper authors have reported their study on the use inclined compound notch-weir consisting of two triangular sections with different vertex angles. The notch plane is placed inclined to the general flow surface in the channel. The general discharge equation has been evolved through the semi analytical cum experimental procedure. Results show a significant improvement in discharging rate compared to normal weir. The lower triangular portion of the notch-weir handles the smaller flow whereas the upper part helps to measures the occasional high flows. Further advantages of the inclined compound weir in reducing afflux near the structure are also discussed. � 2009 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.
URI: 10.1080/09715010.2009.10514962
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