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Title: Two-step biodiesel production and its kinetics studies using indion-190/amberliteira-900 from waste cooking oil
Authors: Satheesh, K.
JagadeeshBabu, P.E.
Saidutta, M.B.
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization and Environmental Effects, 2015, Vol.37, 1, pp.92-100
Abstract: Free fatty acid of waste cooking oil was reduced through esterification using Indian-190 and then transesterified using AmberliteIRA-900 to produce biodiesel. Maximum conversion of 93.69% was observed during esterification at optimized conditions (temperature: 337 K; duration: 4 h; methanol:oil: 20:1; catalyst: 8 wt%). Biodiesel conversion of 98.69% was observed with a yield of 80% through transesterification. Temperature dependence was analyzed using the Langmuir-Hinshelwood model. Activation energy of 134.952 kJ/mol and a frequency factor of 5.49 � 1015 min-1 were observed. Thermodynamic parameters were determined using the Vant Hoff plot. Properties of biodiesel were found to be within ASTM standard. Reusability of Indion-190 was analyzed for five cycles, and found to be satisfactory. � Copyright � Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.
URI: 10.1080/15567036.2013.875080
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