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Title: Three-phase three-level boost-type front-end PFC rectifier for improving power quality at input AC mains of telecom loads
Authors: Saravana, Prakash, P.
Kalpana, R.
Singh, B.
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Journal of Power Electronics, 2018, Vol.18, 6, pp.1819-1829
Abstract: A three-phase, three-switch, and three-level boost-type PWM rectifier (Vienna rectifier) is proposed as an active front-end power factor correction (PFC) rectifier for telecom loads. The proposed active front-end PFC rectifier system is modeled by the switching cycle average model. The relation between duty ratios and DC link capacitor voltages is derived in terms of the system input currents. Furthermore, the feasible switching states are identified and applied to the proposed system to reduce the switching stress and DC ripples. A detailed equivalent circuit analysis of the proposed front-end PFC rectifier is conducted, and its performance is verified through simulations in MATLAB. Simulation results are verified using an experimental setup of an active front-end PFC rectifier that was developed in the laboratory. Simulation and experimental results demonstrate the improved power quality parameters that are in accordance with the IEEE and IEC standards. 2018, Korean Institute of Power Electronics. All rights reserved.
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