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Title: The ultrafast nonlinear optical response and multi-photon absorption of a new metal complex in the near-infrared spectral range
Authors: Kiran, A.J.
Lee, H.W.
Sampath, Kumar, H.C.
Rudresha, B.J.
Bhat, B.R.
Yeom, D.-I.
Kim, K.
Rotermund, F.
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: Journal of Optics, 2010, Vol.12, 3, pp.-
Abstract: A new coordination compound, chloro(1,10-phenanthroline-N, N ?)(triphenylphosphine)copper(I) dichloromethane, incorporated in poly(methyl methacrylate) exhibits superior nonlinear optical properties in the near-infrared spectral region. Its nonlinear response time and third-order nonlinear optical susceptibility at 800nm are ? 90fs and 1.8 10 -10esu, respectively. Considerable nonlinear absorption is observed with this sample, near 800 and 1250nm. The contribution of the excited states to the total nonlinear absorption process is discussed. The results reveal the potential of this newly designed compound for multi-photon absorption-based photonic applications. 2010 IOP Publishing Ltd.
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