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Title: The effect of initial momentum flux on the circular hydraulic jump
Authors: Vishwanath, K.P.
Dasgupta, R.
Govindarajan, R.
Sreenivas, K.R.
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Journal of Fluids Engineering, Transactions of the ASME, 2015, Vol.137, 6, pp.-
Abstract: Earlier studies on the circular hydraulic jump have shown that the radial position of the hydraulic jump depends on the flow rate, gravity, and fluid viscosity. In this study, results from numerical simulations and experiments on circular hydraulic jumps are presented and through analysis, it is shown that the momentum flux is an additional controlling parameter in determining the jump location. Apart from the jump location, the variation of the film thickness with flow parameters is also obtained from experiments and numerical simulations. By including the dependence of the momentum flux and dissipation in the film along with other controlling parameters, the data on jump radius obtained from experiments and simulation (including the present study) covering a wide range of parameters reported in the literature can be collapsed on to a single curve. Copyright 2015 by ASME.
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