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Title: The effect of higher order model on the geometric nonlinear analysis of antisymmetric angle ply laminates
Authors: Swaminathan, K.
Sangeetha, D.M.
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Polymers and Polymer Composites, 2016, Vol.24, 7, pp.567-572
Abstract: Geometric nonlinear analysis of simply supported antisymmetric angle-ply laminated composite plates are investigated based on first order and higher order displacement models with five degrees of freedom. Analytical formulations and solutions are developed based on Von-Karman nonlinear plate theory and Taylor's series expansion of displacement components. Equations of equilibrium are obtained using Principle of Minimum Potential Energy (PMPE) and closed form solutions using Navier's Solution technique. A four layered square plate is considered for the present study. Parametric studies are performed on both the models to study the behaviour of displacements and stresses in laminated composite plates. Comparative studies are performed on both the models and the effect of geometric nonlinearity is discussed. 2016 Smithers Information Ltd.
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