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Title: Systems analysis of tank irrigation: II. delayed start and water deficit
Authors: Prasad, R.
Mayya, S.G.
Issue Date: 1989
Citation: Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, 1989, Vol.115, 3, pp.406-420
Abstract: Tank irrigation systems in the semiarid regions of India are discussed in this paper. To optimize the grain yield of rice, it is essential to start the agricultural operations in the second week of July so that favorable climatic conditions will prevail during flowering and yield formation stages. Because of low inflow during the initial few weeks of the crop season, often farmers are forced to delay planting until sufficient sowing rain and inflow have occurred or to adopt deficit irrigation during this period. The delayed start affects the grain yield, but will lead to an improved irrigation efficiency. A delayed start of agricultural operations with increased irrigation efficiency leads to the energy resources becoming critical during the peak requirement week, particularly those of female labor and animal power. This necessitates augmenting these resources during weeks of their peak use, either by reorganizing the traditional methods of cultivation or by importing from outside the system. ASCE.
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