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Title: Synergy of fiber length and content on free vibration and damping behavior of natural fiber reinforced polyester composite beams
Authors: Senthil, Kumar, K.
Siva, I.
Jeyaraj, P.
Winowlin, Jappes, J.T.
Amico, S.C.
Rajini, N.
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Materials and Design, 2014, Vol.56, , pp.379-386
Abstract: This work addresses the results of experimental investigation carried out on free vibration characteristics of short sisal fiber (SFPC) and short banana fiber (BFPC) polyester composites. Influence of fiber length and weight percentage on mechanical properties and free vibration characteristics are analyzed. Composite beam specimen is fabricated with random fiber orientations at17. MPa compression using compression molding machine. Natural frequencies and associated modal damping values of the composite laminates were obtained by carrying out the experimental modal analysis. It is found that an increase in fiber content increases the mechanical and damping properties. For SFPC, 3. mm fiber length and 50. wt% fiber content yielded better properties, whereas for BFPC, 4. mm fiber length and 50. wt% fiber content was the best combination. Scanning electron microscopy was performed to study the interfacial mechanism. 2013 Elsevier Ltd.
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