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Title: Surface displacements due to tunneling in granular soils in presence and absence of geosynthetic layer under footings
Authors: Rebello, N.E.
Shivashankar, R.
Sastry, V.R.
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Geomechanics and Engineering, 2018, Vol.15, 2, pp.739-744
Abstract: This paper presents the results of numerical modeling studies on the effect of displacements of tunneling in granular soils. Presence of building loads is considered, to find displacement generated at the surface on tunnel. Effect of varying eccentricities of building is simulated, to find influence of building on vertical and horizontal displacement. Studies were carried out in two cases of with and without a geosynthetic layer installed at the bottom of the footing. Results of analysis revealed, the presence of geosynthetic layer under footing, with building placed on centre line, reduced the surface displacements compared to displacement generated without geosynthetic layer. Presence of geosynthetic layer under footing had a dominant effect in reducing displacements in high storey structures. However, when the building was shifted to greater eccentricities from centre line, presence of geosynthetic layer, led to insignificant reduction of displacements on the centre line at the surface. 2018 Techno-Press, Ltd.
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