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Title: Palladium-Schiff base-triphenylphosphine catalyzed oxidation of alcohols
Authors: Dileep, R.
Bhat, B.R.
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: Applied Organometallic Chemistry, 2010, Vol.24, 9, pp.663-666
Abstract: Novel palladium(II)-N-(2-pyridyl)-N'-(5-R-salicylidene) hydrazine triphenylphosphine complexes were synthesized and characterized by UV, IR, 1HNMR and31P NMR spectral analysis, C, H, N analysis andmagnetic susceptibilitymeasurements. The complexes were effective in the catalytic oxidation of primary and secondary alcohols in presence of N-methyl-morpholine-Noxide as oxidant. The oxidation reactions were carried out in dichloromethane. A mechanistic study of the above reactions has been proposed. Copyright 2010 JohnWiley & Sons, Ltd.
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