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Title: Simultaneous estimation of heat transfer coefficient and reference temperature from impinging flame jets
Authors: Kadam, A.R.
Prabhu, S.V.
Hindasageri, V.
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 2018, Vol.131, , pp.48-57
Abstract: Heat transfer from impinging flame jets to a flat plate has been assumed to be one-dimensional in most of the investigations and without radiation loss treatment. In the present work, the exact nature of diffusion of heat in the plate is investigated via solution to multidimensional heat conduction problem. Two procedures have been employed Duhamel theorem and three dimensional transient analytical IHCP. The Duhamel theorem which is analytical model for transient one dimensional heat conduction is applied but its application failed the check of linearity requirement of the convection rate equation. From the solution by analytical IHCP for transient, three-dimensional heat conduction, the distribution of wall heat flux and the wall temperature is perfectly linear. This check confirmed that three dimensional approach has to be used. Experimental data is then analyzed by the three dimensional analytical IHCP for short and larger time intervals. It is found that for short time data, heat transfer coefficient and the reference temperature have oscillatory distribution along the radial direction on the impingement plate and for larger time data the oscillations die out. However, at larger time, radiation loss from the impingement plate becomes significant. The effect of variations in thermal conductivity of the impingement plate with the temperature on heat transfer coefficient and reference temperature is discussed. A novel method is developed to correct the heat transfer coefficient and reference temperature to incorporate radiation losses. The deviation in heat transfer coefficient and reference temperature estimated without considering variable thermal conductivity and radiation loss for large time interval is upto 50%. 2018 Elsevier Masson SAS
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