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Title: Performance analysis of vertically offset overlapped propulsion system based quadrotor in an aerial mapping mission
Authors: Nandakumar, G.
Saphal, R.
Joishy, A.
Thondiyath, A.
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: International Journal of Micro Air Vehicles, 2018, Vol.10, 4, pp.370-385
Abstract: In this paper, the authors present the performance analysis of a Vertically Offset Overlapped Propulsion System (VOOPS)-based quadrotor in an aerial mapping mission. The dynamic model of the VOOPS quadrotor with the effect of overlapping propellers and the profile drag has been derived and simulated. A path-tracking mission is taken as an example for aerial survey. The controller used for this task is presented, followed by the response study of the attitude and the position controller with standard test inputs. A graphical interface has been built to select the area to be mapped by defining a polygon around it, and waypoints for lawn-mower type survey grid were generated based on the direction of wind. The path-tracking algorithm is presented along with course correction and simulations were performed with both conventional and VOOPS quadrotor. An experimental vehicle based on the proposed VOOPS concept has been built, tested on the same path, and the results are discussed. The results show that the VOOPS quadrotor is capable of performing the aerial mapping mission with quick response and good accuracy. The Author(s) 2018.
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